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Aug 27, 2013:I posted a new photo to Facebook
Aug 27, 2013:I posted a new photo to Facebook
Aug 5, 2013:We'll be flying high here for our last gig of the Summer festival season - a chance to catch us one last time...
Aug 4, 2013:What an amazing weekend. We were all completely blown away by the people, the music and the organisation. Thank...
Aug 3, 2013:Excellent evening at the first night of FollyFest. Great atmos and crowd, fab music and bands. Special shout out...

17/05/2013: The Tramp Aviators are pleased to release two new tracks to their adoring public today!

'Four Chords' was written in a moment of anger, when the magic was most definitely not happening, and expresses the frustration of the "archetypal singer-songwriter". Paul describes the song as "infantile and self-indulgent", but when we play it people tend to tap their feet, so we decided to record it!

'Entropy' is based on the inevitable despair that comes from fully appreciating the implications of the Second Law of Thermodynamics. It's more fun than it sounds and involves both girls and tequila. Why not have a listen?

Click "MP3" in the music player to download or on the track name to stream!

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